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Back-to-School Style Inspo

Published Date August 05, 2021

With books, supplies, extracurricular activity needs and more, the new school year can get super expensive, super fast! Luckily, we have some ideas on how you/your fam/your squad can head back to school this year without breaking the bank! How, you might ask? 

Keep scrolling for some super stylish ideas to dress up last year's faded faves, for a whole new year of compliments you're about to rack up. 

What you need:

- Your favorite Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye Kit
- Last year's clothes, shoes, backpack, etc.

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Your squad will step on the scene in style with a pair of custom tie-dye kicks! You can tie dye Converse®, Vans® or any other keds you have your eyes on, just make sure they're made from natural fabric like canvas. Then brush, sponge or squeeze on the dye directly from the dye bottles; there's literally no wrong way to tie dye your shoes!

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If you've gotta haul around books, you might as well look amazing doing it. Trick out your backpack in tie dye for a fun way to show your style across campus. We like the crumple tie dye technique and the bullseye technique for a quick and easy way to tie dye your backpack.

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The galaxy tie-dye technique never gets old, as far as we're concerned. Get cosmic with a pair of crumple tie-dye galaxy shorts that basically make every outfit look out of this world! 

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A tie-dye sweatshirt is a must have for fall (or freezing air-conditioned classrooms)! Whether you feel like going boho or bold, make sure you have one of these around when it's time to bundle up. Try the shibori tie dye technique for a cool pleated look.

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On those days when jeans aren't on the agenda, a tie-dye T-shirt dress is a fab choice for looking casually cool. Try freeform folding or the stripe tie dye technique for a fresh new look. 

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All of this DIY tie dye should make your back-to-school style experience a little cooler and a lot more fun! 

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