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Tie-Dye Food T-shirt Roundup

Published Date September 20, 2019

We love food. (Who doesn't?!) It's a close contender to our obsession for tie dye, so we started thinking about how we could combine our two great loves: food and tie dye - and then magic happened. Here's a roundup of some of our favorite tie-dye food T-shirts that consequently also make us hungry. But hey, is there anything more fun than snacking on a slice of pizza while wearing a tie-dye pizza shirt? No, there isn't. (Plus no one will notice if you accidentally drop a slice of pepperoni on yourself.) Read on to get inspired to make your own tie-dye food T-shirts!

What you need:

Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye Party Kit

- White 100% cotton T-shirts

Tulip Dimensional Fabric Paint Pack

Tulip Fabric Markers

- Freezer paper/iron

- Washable marker

- Zip ties (optional)

Tulip Taco Tie-Dye T-shirt

To make a taco tie-dye T-shirt, first mix up your tie dye with water, following kit instructions. We used yellow for the taco shell, green for the lettuce and pink for the rest of the shirt, but have fun with your color palette and mix it up if you'd like! First you'll want to create your taco shape, so lay your damp shirt out flat on your covered work surface and use a washable marker to literally sketch out a taco shape on the front of your shirt. Then starting on one side, pleat the shirt fabric along the bottom of the taco shape until you get to the other side, then tighly bind with a rubber band or zip tie. Repeat pleating along the top part of taco, making sure to line up the marker line as much as possible as you pleat. Bind this portion as well. Add yellow dye to the middle section and a bit of green to the top part just above the yellow, then add the remaining dye color to the rest of the shirt. Let set and launder according to instructions, then once dry, use a Fabric Marker to draw in details if desired. All you need now is a side of extra guacamole to go with that taco tie-dye T-shirt!

Tulip Donut Tie-Dye T-shirt

What's sweeter than a donut? Well, not much actually, but a donut tie-dye T-shirt is pretty sweet. And the best part about it is that it's actually super easy to create this donut tie-dye effect! Check out the tutorial here. We used fuchsia tie dye for our donut but get creative and go with any frosting color you like. After the tie-dye part is done, use Dimensional Fabric Paint in a variety of colors to accent your tie-dye donut with sprinkles. Is anyone else craving dessert now?

Tulip Pizza Tie-Dye T-shirt

Any way you slice it, a pizza tie-dye T-shirt is awesome. (See what we did there?) And making one is easier than you think! Using a washable marker, draw a large V shape extending from the top of shirt to the middle or so. Starting at one of the shoulders, begin pleating the T-shirt fabric along the marker line, doing your best to align the fabric so the line appears straight across the tops of the pleats. Pleat all the way to the other shoulder and tightly bind with a zip tie or rubber band. Mix yellow and red dyes, then add yellow to the pizza portion and red (or any color you like) to the rest, adding small touches of red to the yellow portion for melty cheese effects. (Mmmmm ... melty cheese.) Let the dye set and launder according to package instructions. Once dry, use Fabric Markers to draw pepperoni or other pizza toppings on pizza portion of shirt. Now you're ready to wear a slice and probably have a slice (or 6)!

Tulip Candy Corn Tie-Dye T-shirt

And since Halloween is just around the corner, we can't finish this post without talking about everyone's favorite Halloween candy: candy corn! Perfect to wear for Halloween or just because, this candy corn tie-dye T-shirt is probably the easiest to make out of the tie-dye food T-shirts featured in this post. All you need is yellow and orange dyes and a big paintbrush for blending! Get the candy corn tie-dye tutorial here, then get ready to make your Halloween a real treat. (Okay, we're done with the puns now. Mostly because we need to go eat.)

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