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Emoji Tie-Dye Technique

Wear your heart on your sleeve (or wherever) with this fun kit that turns a bullseye look into your fave emoji with some iron-ons.

Step 1:

Select your favorite color Emoji Tie-Dye Kit, as well as a plate or other circular object and a washable marker.

Step 2:

Dampen shirt and fold in half, with fold along center of shirt. Place plate on shirt where you would like the emoji to be and trace with a washable marker.

Step 3:

Pleat shirt along the marker line.

Step 4:

Wrap a rubber band tightly around pleated shirt at the marker line.

Step 5:

Wrap another rubber band around shirt about 2 inches below the first rubber band.

Step 6:

Add yellow dye to tip of bound shirt (this will be the emoji face).

Step 7:

Add second dye color to next portion of shirt between rubber bands.

Step 8:

Wrap dyed shirt in plastic and let set 6 to 8 hours or longer. Launder according to package instructions.

Step 9:

Iron facial expression pieces onto yellow portion according to package instructions.

Step 10:

Get emojional over your fun new emoji tie-dye T-shirt!

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