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How To Tie Dye a Dog Bed

Published Date March 28, 2019

It's probably pretty obvious that we're big fans of all things tie dye, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that we think our furry friends should be able to enjoy it too! We decided to try our hand at tie dyeing a dog bed (because how cute will a cushy, colorful tie-dye bed look in any room in the house?!), but you can also tie dye pet shirts, scarves and other accessories as long as they're cotton. Think it's hard to tie dye a pet bed? Spoiler alert: it's actually super easy with our One-Step Tie Dye! Skip the buckets and the stress and create a colorful tie-dye pet bed in no time. We'll show you how! 

What you need:

Tulip One-Step Tie Dye - desired kit

- 100% cotton white pet bed with removable cover

- Zip ties (or you can use the rubber bands from your tie-dye kit)

- Plastic surface cover

- Paper towels

Tulip Tie Dye Dog Bed - choose tie dye colors

First you'll need to select your color palette. We chose to use one color, but you can definitely have fun with it and use multiple tie dye colors. Just make sure they coordinate so that if the dyes blend on the fabric, they turn a nice shade instead of muddy brown (think in terms of red + blue = purple, etc.). You can go with your favorite tie-dye kit or choose several 1-color options.

Remove the bed cover and wash it (without fabric softener). You can take it straight from the washing machine to prep for dyeing. If you won't be dyeing it right away, just make sure to dampen it before you bind for tie dyeing. (You don't have to soak it, you just need to make sure it's damp.)

Tulip Bullseye Tie Dye Dog Bed

We chose to do the bullseye tie-dye technique for our dog bed, but you can choose just about any tie-dye technique you'd like! The beauty of tie dye is that there really is no wrong way to do it. Just make sure you follow the instructions that come in your Tulip Tie-Dye Kit for dyeing and laundering. P.S. If you're new to tie dye, here are some helpful basics on how to tie dye that you might find super helpful. 

Tulip Bullseye Tie Dye Dog Bed

Seriously, how cute is Rosco on his new tie-dye dog bed?!

Tulip Bullseye Tie Dye Dog Bed

Jenz and Otto are living the tie-dye dream too! This makes us want our own tie-dye bedding now!

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