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Picture of Watercolor Tie-Dye Technique

Watercolor Tie-Dye Technique

Explore the best of both worlds… tie dye and painting with muted brushstrokes of color that blend together for unique results.

Picture of Step 1:

Step 1:

Mix dyes then add some of each dye color to separate bowls.

Picture of Step 2:

Step 2:

Lay a damp shirt out flat on work surface.

Picture of Step 3:

Step 3:

Dip paintbrush into first color of dye and brush random strokes of color onto shirt.

Picture of Step 4:

Step 4:

Dip paintbrush into second dye color and brush randomly over the top of other brushstrokes. Cover with plastic wrap to keep damp. Let set 6 to 8 hours, rinse thoroughly and wash separately.

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