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How to Ice Dye Technique

Ice Dye Technique

Techniques . May 26 2017 .Posted By: Admin

Move aside liquid dye, the ice technique cometh! Try this cool technique any time of the year that always produces unique results!

Ice Tie Technique lay out shirt flat

Step 1

Wash your shirt and leave damp. Lay on a flat surface.

Ice Dye Technique scrunch up shirt

Step 2

Crumple your shirt into a small bundle using your fingers.

Ice Dye Technique bind with rubber bands

Step 3

Use rubber bands to secure the crumpled shirt.

Ice Dye Technique lay out shirt on wire rack above tub add ice

Step 4

Lay crumpled shirt on a rack over a large plastic tub. This way the dye can freely drip down into the tub and not puddle under the shirt. Place ice cubes on top of the shirt.

Ice Dye Technique squeeze dye powder on ice

Step 5

For this technique you want to use dye powder, so do not fill up the Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye bottle with water like you would normally do. Simply remove the caps and squeeze dye powder randomly all over the ice in colors of your choice.

Ice Dye Technique let ice melt then let set

Step 6

Let the ice melt! This will take anywhere from several minutes to several hours based on your location and temperature. You will still want to let the shirt set for 6-8 hours once the dye has seeped onto the fabric.

Ice Dye Technique remove rubber bands

Step 7

After the dye has set, use scissors to cut off the rubber bands. Reveal your ice dye design, then rinse out the excess dye until the runoff is clear. Wash and dry according to the dye instructions.

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