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5 Crumple Tie-Dye Ideas

Published Date May 04, 2020

Rock one of the hottest tie-dye trends right now without folding, twisting or even tying - just straight up crumpling! The crumple tie-dye technique is one of the easiest tie-dye techniques you can create with as few as one color or as many dye colors as your creative heart desires. No experience needed to produce awesome tie-dye fashion you'll want to wear all year long. So grab a comfy old T-shirt or sweatshirt out of your closet and give it new life with your favorite Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye Kit and the crumple tie-dye technique!

What you need:

- Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye Kit (desired kit)

- 100% cotton T-shirt, sweatshirt, shorts

- Disposable plastic table cover

Purple Crumple Tie-Dye T-shirt

The crumple tie-dye technique is great if you're looking to keep your tie dye on the simpler side with just one color. You still get cool tie-dye effects, but with with a slightly edgier vibe than traditional tie dye that features lots of different colors.

Blue Crumple Tie-Dye Sweatshirt

Cozy up in crumple with a soft sweatshirt dyed in a subdued shade of blue. Even if you're lounging at home, you might as well look good - and feel good - doing it in crumple tie-dye loungewear in calming hues. Try the Mermaid 5-Color Kit, the Carousel 5-Color Kit, or the Shibori 5-Color Kit for extra chill tie-dye vibes.

Pastel Crumple Tie-Dye Sweatshirt

Since we're talking lounging, a sweatshirt in multiple colors is also just as awesome. To get more pastel, faded effects, dilute your dyes with extra water before adding to your crumpled item. The easiest way to do this is to mix up your One-Step Dye colors, then pour out into the sink (or another container to save) and refill the bottles with water and shake to mix. Repeat this step until the dye color is to your liking, then apply to your item like normal. To achieve a palette similar to this sweatshirt, try the Mermaid 5-Color Kit or colors from the Kaleidoscope 12-Color Kit.

Pink Crumple Tie-Dye Shorts

If it isn't already warming up where you live, it will be soon. Get ready for summer in bright crumple tie-dye shorts that make a statement! Grab a faded pair you already have or make your own cutoffs from some old jeans - just make sure the denim is 100% cotton for best and brightest results when tie dyeing. We went with one ultra-bright dye color on ours, but you can try several colors on one pair if you feel like it. There's no wrong way to crumple tie dye! If you're looking for an electric shade of pink, try one of the pinks in our Party Kits or the Neon 5-Color Kit.

Blue Crumple Tie-Dye T-shirt

If you're looking to tap into the calming effects of the Pantone Color of the Year, crumple up a T-shirt in Classic Blue for tie dye that never goes out of style - and makes you feel good too. Whether you're lounging with a flick or out running an errand, this crumple tie-dye T-shirt is perfect for everyday style. Try the Blue 1-Color Kit or mixing multiple shades of blue from the Shibori 5-Color Kit.

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Tulip Crumple Tie-Dye Ideas