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10 More Patriotic Tie Dye Ideas

Published Date June 05, 2019

Americana is a trend that never goes away, and Americana tie dye is no exception. Red, white and blue is always in style, especially for Fourth of July! No matter how you're celebrating this summer, you can rock a patriotic tie-dye look in a few easy steps with Tulip Tie Dye. If you missed our first patriotic tie-dye fashion post, peep it out here, then read on for 10 more tie-dye ideas to get you in the star-spangled spirit.    

What you need:

Tulip Tie-Dye Kit

- White 100% cotton T-shirt or tank top

- White denim shorts

- Straw hat

- White 100% cotton or rayon skirt

- Plastic disposable tablecloth

- Paper towels

Red, White & Blue Denim Shorts

In most parts of the country, especially at Tulip headquarters, the month of July is HOT, so a pair of denim cutoff shorts is a summer staple. Give a white pair of denim shorts a patriotic makeover with Tulip Tie Dye in red and blue. This tie-dye technique couldn't be easier - simply lay out your damp shorts on a covered work surface and squeeze the dyes directly from the bottle onto the shorts - blue on one side and red on the other. Let set according to instructions and you have yourself a pair of shorts that are perfect for 4th of July BBQs, lake adventures and more.

Red Dyed Hat

If you're going to be spending time outdoors in the sun, a hat is never a bad idea! A cute straw hat that's red hot is even better! Since straw is a natural fiber, you can totally dye it. Mix up bottles of red and violet dye from the Rainbow Tie-Dye Kit, pour into plastic ups and use a paintbrush to brush the dyes around the brim of your hat and anywhere else. Give your hat a fun facelift that adds some extra flair to your 4th of July fashion!

Red, White & Blue Tie Dye Tank Top

Stay cool in the summertime with a tie-dye tank top! Get this red, white & blue striped effect with the Stripes Tie-Dye Technique and red and blue dye randomly in between your rubber-banded sections.

Blue Ombre T-shirt

Chill out in the heat with cool shades of blue. Still perfectly patriotic without red added, this ombre tie-dye T-shirt can be made using either the Dip Dye Tie-Dye Technique or by simply squeezing the dye straight from the blue dye bottle onto the top half of your T-shirt. 

Red Tie-Dye Kimono

Kimonos are such a versatile wardrobe staple; they look super fab paired with just about any outfit AND they even make cute swimsuit covers for all of the water babies out there spending tons of time by the pool this summer. Give a white cotton kimono some patriotic flavor with red tie dye and either the shibori tie-dye technique or the stripes technique, pleating your fabric and adding dye just down the center (as shown).

Patriotic Tie-Dye Maxi Skirt

Maxi skirts are sooooooo comfortable and can be worn just about anywhere for any occasion! Pair a red, white and blue tie-dye maxi skirt with a simple tank top for the perfect comfortable patriotic look whether you're hanging out at a backyard BBQ or heading to the lake with friends. Re-create this tie-dye maxi skirt with the String Tie-Dye Technique.

Patriotic Tie-Dye T-shirts

Grab your crew and make your big 4th of July celebration sizzle hotter than the BBQ with bright patriotic tie-dye T-shirts! Make 'em to wear for the party or make 'em during the party as a fun activity with the Tulip Tie-Dye Party Kit. Create the looks in this photo with the Firecracker Tie-Dye Technique, the Spiral Tie-Dye Technique and the Bullseye Tie-Dye Technique

Patriotic Tie-Dye T-shirt

And last but definitely not least, this side bullseye tie-dye T-shirt made with the Tulip Rainbow Tie-Dye Kit mixes in a touch of violet for a fun spin on traditional Americana colors. Make it using the Bullseye Tie-Dye Technique and starting your binding process at the bottom corner of the shirt instead of the center.

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10 Patriotic Tie Dye Ideas from Tulip