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White Cotton Face Mask

  •       FITS MOST ADULTS: Tulip Face Masks feature a universal design that fits most adults. The soft fabric ear loops are adjustable and can be easily resized to fit comfortably around ears without compressing for a secure, easy-to-wear fit. Each mask also has an adjustable metal nose wire.
  •       100% COTTON FOR COMFORTABLE WEAR: These Face Masks are made from 100% cotton fabric for a soft, flexible fit around the face. Cotton is a breathable fabric, allowing for improved airflow and less moisture buildup around the face while wearing. Ear loops are 100% polyester. Does not include an opening for filter inserts. Note: Tulip Face Masks are not medical grade.
  •       DECORATE & PERSONALIZE THE REVERSIBLE DESIGN: Decorate and personalize your Tulip Face Mask with Tulip Color Products for fabric, like One-Step Tie Dye, Fabric Markers and more! Most Tulip Color Products are nontoxic for worry-free wear on your face mask. Avoid using any products or embellishments that can restrict airflow on the breathing portions of your mask. Decorate both sides of Tulip Face Masks for 2 looks in 1!
  •       MACHINE WASHABLE FOR EASY CARE: Tulip Face Masks can be machine washed and dried for added convenience. Easily keep your Tulip Face Mask clean and ready to wear at any time! Check care instructions for individual Tulip Color Products when using to decorate your mask.
  •       MADE IN CHINA: We pride ourselves on our long-standing relationships with some of the best and cleanest manufacturing partners in the world. This ensures that we are able to provide fast delivery of top-quality, certified products at affordable prices. While our Tulip Face Masks are made in China, all of our products are inspected and approved by our U.S.-based quality-control team before leaving our California facility.

Note: Not for use with our Tulip® Two-Minute Tie Dye, due to the metal nose wire.  

SKU: 45791

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