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Welcome to the World of Tulip Tie Dye!

Tie Dye FAQS

The best tie dye kits for color vibrancy include soda ash that allows you to presoak your fabrics, making them more receptive to the dye. The fastest method for great color vibrancy and without the wait time of the presoak is to use kits with powder dye and dye fixative already mixed in the bottles. These kits allow you to go straight to applying the dye.

Tulip Artisan Tie Dye kits provide you with the more traditional approach where you will need to presoak.

Tulip One-Step-Tie-Dye Kits already include dye fixative in the formula. In addition to being extremely easy to work with, these kits produce super vibrant colors with long-lasting results, especially when using natural fibers like 100% cotton, rayon, and silk. These offer everything you need for your tie-dye success!