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Tie Dye FAQS

If rinsing inside in the sink, we recommend the following steps for cleanup with a marbling dye project:

  1. Place a bucket inside the sink to catch the runoff. Because the medium and dye are very thick, they will clog your pipes if the go down the drain.
  2. The products will float on the surface of the water in the bucket after you finish rinsing your project. Lay paper towels on the surface of the water in the bucket to soak up the dye and medium, then throw away. Repeat until all product has been removed from the surface of the water.
  3. You can also use a disposable cup to scoop up and throw away as much product as possible, and use paper towels to absorb the rest.
  4. Pour remaining clean water down the drain.
  5. Some excess product may still remain on the sides of the bin; wipe away with paper towels until fully removed.