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Welcome to the World of Tulip Tie Dye!

Triple Heart Tank Top

This sweet tank top wears its heart openly for all to see. The easy-to-do tie-dye technique using the Tulip® Bright tie-dye kit makes a heart front and center for a design you’ll truly love.


1. Wash tank and leave damp.  Lay out flat on covered work surface and smooth out wrinkles.

2. Cut out a heart shape from scratch paper. This is your pattern.

3. Fold tank vertically just slightly off center.  Lay half heart shape along fold line and trace around three times with washable marker, approximately 2” apart.

4. Begin pleating at the bottom of first heart, pulling the fabric around so that the marker forms a straight line across the tops of your pleats. Secure tightly and repeat with remaining two heart shapes.

5. Mix dyes according to package instructions.

6. Lay tied shirt on pastry cooling rack over covered work surface.

7. Use Lime on tied hearts. Use Turquoise to accent hearts. Use Pink to dye the remainder of shirt.

8. Cover dyed shirt with plastic and let set 6-8 hours.

9. Remove ties and rinse shirt under running water to remove excess dye.

10. Wash and dry shirt according to package instructions.