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Tie-Dye Skull T-shirt

Create a tie-dye shirt that’s to dye for! Not just for Halloween, tie dye skull T-shirt is perfect for sporting year round. 


1. Wash shirt and leave damp. Protect work surface with Surface Cover and lay damp shirt on covered surface.

2. Draw skull shape onto paper and cut out.

3. Fold shirt in half lengthwise. Lay skull pattern on fold of shirt, with fold running down center of skull shape.

4. Trace half skull shape onto shirt with chalk pencil. Mark skull eye and half of nose and half of mouth along fold.

5. Pinch eye shape and pull upward as you would for creating the center of a bullseye, then secure with a rubber band about an inch below tip of fabric.

6. Pleat along nose shape, pleating until the chalk line becomes a straight line.  Secure with a rubber band along this line.

7. Starting at bottom of half skull shape, pleat fabric along chalk line, pleating the chalk line until it becomes a straight line. Secure with a zip tie along this line.

8. Add more zip ties at intervals outside of first one as desired for design. 

9. Lay tied shirt onto pastry cooling rack set on covered work surface.

10. Mix dyes according to package instructions.

11. Apply Black dye to eye and nose ties, and along line of mouth.

12. Apply Black dye outside of first zip tie.

13. Alternate Purple and Black dyes for the remainder of shirt.

14. Allow shirt to set for time recommended in package instructions.

15. Rinse shirt under cool running water. Remove ties and wash and dry shirt according to package instructions.