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Tie Dye Shirt Infinity Necklace

Published Date July 24, 2014

Next time you have some leftover Tulip One-Step tie dye from your tie dye party, squeeze that dye on an old cotton shirt in your closet and turn that shirt totally new accessory you'll want to wear everywhere!  This project is great for giving a punch to your little black summer dress or for adding a pop over a plain tee!

– cotton tie dye shirt dyed with Tulip One-Step Tie Dye
– Fabric Scissors
Aleene's Fabric Fusion

Cut 1" strips from the body as shown. You'll want to stop just short of the arms.

Stretch out the strips, pulling as tightly as you can.

Here's the t-shirt yarn we made from the stretched fabric! So fun.

Next, cut a 1" section off one of the sleeves.
Then cut the strip in half.

Wrap strip around looped t-shirts and glue with Fabric Fusion to secure. Let dry.

Wear it long or double it up and wear it layered! I love this project cause it's perfect for a girl's night in craft project...easy and simple and everyone can make one!

And I even created a fun little graphic that you can pin and share!  Happy crafting.

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