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Tie-Dye Fashion For Men

Published Date August 29, 2019

Fab tie-dye fashion isn't just for women ... Guys can rock it too! Although we also love traditional tie-dye looks (and basically everything tie dye) here at Tie Dye Your Summer, this post is kicking it up a notch with simple tie-dye techniques with a high-fashion vibe - for men. And since indigo dye is still trending (And why wouldn't it be? It's super awesome.), we put together some indigo tie-dye fashion looks for men that are super easy to DIY but look like you spent a small fortune on designer. You're secret is safe with us. Keep reading to get inspired!

What you need:

- Tulip One-Step Tie Dye Kit - BlueBlack

- White or light gray 100% cotton men's shirt (can be T-shirt, button down, hoodie, etc.)

- Light-colored cotton denim jeans

- Plastic bin for dip dyeing

- Pants hanger to hang garments from while dipping

- Plastic surface cover

Indigo Tie-Dye Fashion for Men

Who said tie dye is just for T-shirts? Sport it at the office, dinner or a night out with friends in a classic button down featuring an ombre dip-dye design that's so easy to create with killer results. To get this look, work with two versions of black or blue dye - one diluted and one more concentrated - and use the Dip Dye Tie-Dye Technique.

Indigo Tie-Dye Fashion for Men

Want the same ombre dip-dye effect but on a T-shirt instead? No problem, it still looks just as cool! Make sure your T-shirt is 100% cotton for best results, and working with two versions of black or blue dye - one diluted and one more concentrated - and use the Dip Dye Tie-Dye Technique as mentioned above. You can wear this T-shirt anywhere for guaranteed compliments.

Indigo Tie-Dye Fashion for Men

Perfect for everyday vibes that kick up your casual factor a notch, this men's tie-dye hoodie says "high fashion" whether you're brunching on the weekend or catching a flick after work. You can create this tie-dye look two different ways: using the Dip Dye Tie-Dye Technique - fold the hoodie in half using a pants hanger and dip the center section in a container of dye ... or you could lay your damp hoodie out flat on a covered work surface and use a large paintbrush to brush the dye onto the center section. Such an easy way to create cool men's tie dye fashion.

Indigo Tie-Dye Fashion for Men

A cool pair of jeans is a wardrobe MUST. Customize a faded or light-colored pair with indigo dye for an easy upgrade that goes with every look. Adding a pop of color to the bottom cuffs adds the perfect amount of cool ... just use the Dip Dye Tie-Dye Technique and dip the legs in dye to your desired length for your new favorite pair of tie-dye jeans.

Indigo Tie-Dye Fashion for Men

Try mixing black and blue dye effects for the ultimate men's tie-dye fashion statement. To get this look, you'll still use the Dip Dye Tie-Dye Technique and dip your sweater or shirt into the blue dye first, allowing it to process the color for recommeded time. Then you'll re-dip the shirt into the black dye, leaving a few inches of blue untouched by the black dye. The effect is totally runway worthy.

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Tulip Tie Dye Fashion for Men