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Picture of Shibori Tie-Dye Technique

Shibori Tie-Dye Technique

More intricate and detailed than modern tie dye, Shibori is a Japanese technique that uses string and other folding methods.

Picture of Step 1

Step 1

Lay your damp shirt out flat on your work surface. Accordion fold the fabric from the bottom edge up to the top of the shirt in even folds. Starting on one end of the folded shirt, accordion fold it again in the other direction until you reach the other end. Wrap a rubber band tightly around the folded fabric in each direction, crisscrossing the rubber bands. This will hold your folded fabric securely in place.

Picture of Step 2

Step 2

Wearing the plastic gloves from your kit, place your project on a wire rack if using. Shibori traditionally uses indigo-colored dye, so mix up your indigo/dark blue dye and apply it to all of the exposed areas of fabric on each side.

Picture of Step 3

Step 3

Place your dyed project into a sealable plastic bag or wrap in plastic wrap to keep it damp while the dye completely processes. This will take 6 to 8 hours or overnight if you want to give it some extra time.

Picture of Step 4:

Step 4:

Once your dye has fully processed, carefully cut away the rubber bands and check out your shibori tie dye! Rinse, wash and dry according to your instruction guide.

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