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Reindeer Tie-Dye Tutorial

Published Date November 09, 2018

"Sleigh" all day in a reindeer tie-dye T-shirt (or hoodie) that will have Santa and all of his elves trading in their furry coats for some tricked out tie dye! Perfect for ugly Christmas sweater parties or just a fun holiday wearable, this reindeer tie-dye technique is super easy to create with Tulip Tie Dye - so grab your crew and read on for the tutorial.

What you need:

Tulip® Tie-Dye Party Kit

- White 100% cotton hoodie or T-shirt

- Tulip Fabric Paints or Fabric Markers

- Plastic table cover

- Paper towels

- Scratch paper

- Washable marker

- Scissors

Step 1:

Reindeer Tie Dye Steps - fold damp shirt in half

Wash shirt/hoodie without fabric softener. Place damp shirt onto covered work surface and fold in half lengthwise.

Step 2:

Reindeer Tie Dye Steps - trace reindeer shape

Create reindeer face outline on a piece of paper and cut out. Tip: To create face, draw one circle with a slightly larger circle beneath it. Fold cutout in half and place along fold of shirt. Trace with a washable marker.

Step 3:

Reindeer Tie Dye Steps - pleat along marker line

Tightly pleat shirt along marker line, shifting the shirt as you pleat so the marker line becomes a straight line once you are finished pleating.

Step 4:

Reindeer Tie Dye Steps - bind with rubber band

Wrap a rubber band tightly around pleated shirt at marker line to secure. 

Step 5:

Reindeer Tie Dye Steps - apply brown dye

Mix brown tie dye and apply to bound section of shirt. Flip over and apply to backside as well. 

Step 6:

Reindeer Tie Dye Steps - apply green dye

Apply green dye or desired dye color(s) to remainder of shirt. Carefully check to make sure dye has soaked through to backside and add more dye as needed.

Step 7:

Reindeer Tie Dye Steps - seal and let set

Place dyed shirt in a plastic sealable bag and let set 6 to 8 hours or overnight. Rinse and wash according to instructions.

Step 8:

Reindeer Tie Dye Steps - add facial features

Use fabric markers and/or fabric paints to create facial features. Tip: place cardboard or plastic between layers of shirt to prevent paint/ink from soaking through to backside of shirt. Let dry completely.

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