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Rainbow on the Rise Tie-Dye T-shirt

Like peering through the clouds after a cleansing rain, the stunning colors of the Rainbow Tulip® One-Step Tie Dye Kit™ emerge on the horizon of a plain white tee. 


1. Prewash tee without fabric softener. Do not dry.

2. Cover work surface with plastic tablecloth.

3. Lay damp tee flat on prepared work surface.

4. Beginning from the bottom right corner of tee, pleat fabric.

5. Pinch together tightly and use zip ties to bind tightly in four sections.

6. Prepare the Red, Yellow Green, Blue and Violet dyes as directed on kit instructions.

7. Apply Red on the very bottom section followed with Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet and Red in that order.

8. Make sure the colors are well saturated in the fabric. 

9. Cover with plastic tablecloth and let set for 6-8 hours.

10. Wash following package instructions.

11. Cut off zip ties and dry.