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Welcome to the World of Tulip Tie Dye!

No-Sew T-shirt Swim Coverup

Beat the sizzling hot summer temperatures with swimwear that's as cool as the pool! Turn an over-sized T-shirt into an adorable swim cover with a few easy no-sew alerations and a bright tie-dye pattern.

  1. Wash shirt and leave damp. Lay out flat on covered work surface and smooth out wrinkles.
  2. Twist shirt into a spiral and secure with rubber bands into four pie-shaped wedges.
  3. Mix Lime, Turquoise, and Purple dyes according to package instructions.
  4. Apply Turquoise and Lime dyes to banded shirt, alternating colors in the pie shaped wedges.
  5. Turn shirt over and apply Purple just to back side. Turn shirt front side up.
  6. Cover dyed shirt with plastic and allow to set 6-8 hours.
  7. Remove bands from shirt and rinse under running water to remove excess dye.
  8. Wash and dry shirt as fabric requires.
  9. Lay shirt out flat. Cut straight across neckline from shoulder seam to shoulder seam.
  10. Cut off sleeves starting at underarm and ending at top edge of shoulder seam. Your shirt should now be completely open at the top.
  11. Apply a strip of Fabric Fusion tape along the cut edge of neckline and fold over approximately 1” to create drawstring casing. Repeat on opposite neckline edge.
  12. Use extra T-shirt fabric to cut two long strips. Thread one strip through each casing to create gathered neckline.
  13. Tie opposing strings together on each side to create shoulder ties.