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Tie Dye FAQS

Here is a list of reasons why the Marbling Dye could have turned out faded on your project:

  1. Check your fabric. Did you use 100% natural fiber fabric like cotton, rayon or silk? Natural/synthetic blends of fabric will dye lighter than natural fabrics, and synthetic fabrics will not dye at all.
  2. Did you use a generous amount of Marbling Dye applied over a generous amount of Marbling Medium? Not using enough dye or Marbling Medium can result in lighter colors.
  3. Did you allow your project to set for at least 8 hours with the dye and medium (this applies whether you used the tabletop method or the water-dye method)? If you rinsed and washed it before this amount of time, most likely your dyes did not get the chance to set to their full potential.
  4. If you used the water-dye method, did you use luke warm water? We recommend a luke-warm water temperature for best results. Dyes generally cure better in warmer temperatures.