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Welcome to the World of Tulip Tie Dye!

Fringed and Fabulous Tie-dye Tank Tops

Dress to impress this summer in something fringed and fabulous! Alter an ordinary T-shirt into a colorful wearable like this tie-dye tank top you'll love to sport all season long with a pair of scissors and the Tulip® Artisan Tie-Dye System.


1. Prewash T-shirt and leave damp.  Mix soda ash solution and soak shirt according to package instructions.

2. Wring out excess solution and lay shirt out on covered work surface. Smooth out any wrinkles.

3. Using sinew or rubber bands (included in kit), tie shirt tightly into a bullseye tie. The more bands you use the more complex your design will be.

4. Mix dyes according to package instructions. Use mixing guide enclosed in package to mix desired tank top color.

5. Lay tied shirt onto pastry rack over covered work surface. Apply dye to shirt, saturating it thoroughly.  Cover shirt with plastic and allow to set 6-8 hours.

6. Rinse shirt under running water to remove excess dye.  Wash and dry shirt as suggested in package instructions.