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Ultra Bright Tie Dye

Ultra Bright Tie Dye 30-Pc. Kit

  • Get bolder, brighter tie dye than ever before with this NEW tie-dye technology from the color experts at Tulip
  • For use with 100% COTTON FABRICS ONLY
  • Kit includes 1 microwaveable container specially made for Ultra Bright Tie Dye for the boldest and brightest results!
  • Also includes 3 easy-squeeze bottles of Ultra Bright Tie Dye in outrageously vibrant colors – Ultra Fuchsia, Ultra Yellow, and Ultra Turquoise
  • Includes detailed instructions for using with the microwave (heat times depend on microwave wattage)
  • Fabrics do not need to be pre-soaked in soda ash before dyeing; fabrics MUST be thoroughly damp before microwaving in containers
  • Dyes are safe to machine wash – colors stay ULTRA bright and bold through repeated washings
  • The perfect way to speed up the tie-dye process with the boldest, brightest colors!

Get the boldest, brightest tie-dye looks you can create with Tulip Ultra Bright Tie Dye! Featuring brand new tie-dye technology from the color experts at Tulip, new Ultra Bright dye formulas provide results that are more than 4 times BRIGHTER than the competition. This process combines patent-pending specially made microwaveable containers designed to work with Ultra Bright Dye technology; just add water for electric color and a faster, brighter way to tie dye! Kit includes 1 container, 3 squeeze bottles containing dye colors: Ultra Fuchsia, Ultra Yellow, and Ultra Turquoise; 10 rubber bands, 2 pairs of protective gloves and a project guide. Experience tie dye in a whole new way with bold, outrageous color that’s better than ever! For use with 100% cotton fabrics only.

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