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DIY Taylor Swift Inspired Pastel Tie Dye

Published Date June 03, 2019

It's probably no surprise that we've been obsessing over Taylor Swift's pastel tie-dye outfit since she was spotted looking like a magical unicorn in the streets of NYC back in April. Obviously we want to look like magical unicorns too, so we immediately started searching for our own tie dye like Taylor's and discovered that you might actually have to be on a celebrity budget to afford her fab tie-dye T-shirt and jacket. You can snag the same Zadig & Voltaire® pastel tie-dye denim jacket Taylor was wearing here for $398 and her n:philanthropy® pastel tie-dye T-shirt here for $128. Or, you can do what we did and make your own Taylor Swift inspired pastel tie dye for a fraction of the cost so you can spend the rest of your cash on concert tickets!

What you need:

Tulip Neon 5-Color Tie-Dye Kit

- White 100% cotton tank top or T-shirt

- Plastic surface cover

- Bleach (optional)

- Extra mixing bottle

DIY Taylor Swift Inspired Pastel Tie Dye

Creating your own Taylor Swift inspired tie-dye look is easy with Tulip Tie Dye! For this tie-dye tank top and denim jacket set, we used the Tulip Neon 5-Color Kit, but you can choose any kit you like!

Pastel Tie Dye Tank Top

Tank Top:
1. Wash your tank top and leave damp. Place on a covered work surface.
2. Wrap one rubber band in the middle of the tank top at a diagonal.
3. Mix the orange dye according to instructions, then pour some dye into an extra mixing bottle and add water to create a pastel shade. Tip: If you don't have extra mixing bottles, you can pour some of the orange dye out into a bowl and refill the dye bottle with water to dilute and create a pastel shade. Save the extra dye so you can re-add to the bottle and dilute if needed.
4. Squeeze diluted orange dye onto one half of the tank top, stopping at the rubber band. Let set for 6 to 8 hours and launder according to instructions.

Taylor Swift Inspired Tie Dye Jacket

Denim Jacket:
1. If your denim jacket is darker in color, you'll want to bleach it for full effect. Lay it out on a covered work surface and apply bleach. Monitor it closely and immediately rinse and wash once the denim has lightened to your liking.
2. Place damp denim jacket back on your work surface. Mix and dilute fuchsia and yellow dyes using dilution process above.
3. Apply dyes randomly onto shoulders and front of jacket. If you want to dye the backside, carefully flip the jacket over and repeat.
4. Let set 6 to 8 hours and launder according to instructions.

DIY Taylor Swift Inspired Pastel Tie Dye

Now you're ready to step on the scene looking as fly in tie dye as Taylor!

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