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5 Tie-Dye Heart T-shirt Ideas

Published Date January 29, 2020

Valentine's Day or not, we happen to think hearts are cool all day every day, especially when they're made with tie dye! Can you really love anything more than a custom heart tie-dye T-shirt? (If you answered "no," we're not listening, FYI.) First we'll state the obvious, Valentine's Day is almost here and you might be looking for a cool DIY Valentine's Day gift, or maybe just something cute to wear ... which is why this post is for you. Or maybe you just love wearing hearts, which is also why this post is for you. Scroll through this roundup of some our faves, find a heart tie-dye T-shirt that inspires you, then grab your favorite Tulip Tie-Dye Kit and get ready to put your heart on your tee. Remember, the heart wants what it wants, and we're thinking it's tie dye all the way you guys.

What you need:

Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye Kit of choice

- 100% cotton T-shirt

- Disposable plastic table cover

- Sealable bag

Tulip 5 Tie-Dye Heart T-shirt Ideas

Do you love bright neon colors? Do you think hearts should appear electric at all times? Perfect. Then this bold neon tie-dye heart T-shirt should be love at first sight for you. Sometimes it's okay to keep it simple, play it safe, choose a color or two ... but not this time. Featuring 5 neon tie-dye shades, this bold tie-dye heart tee isn't for the faint of ... heart ... get the tutorial and kick your style into high gear with the Neon 5-Color Tie-Dye Kit.

Tulip 5 Tie-Dye Heart T-shirt Ideas

Okay maybe we went too bold for a sec (NEVER), so let's head back in the other direction ... maybe you're into a darker palette, or maybe you want a heart that just POPS. This Reverse Tie-Dye Heart T-shirt might be your jam. How amazing does that vibrant red look radiating out of the center of a black T-shirt?! This truly unique tie-dye technique is easy to recreate with our Tulip Reverse Tie-Dye Kit made for dark fabrics, and your favorite Tulip Tie-Dye Kit. Get the heart pattern tutorial and get ready to create a tee your whole crew will fall in love with.

Tulip 5 Tie-Dye Heart T-shirt Ideas

There's a reason the saying "pretty in pink" is so popular ... this pink tie-dye heart T-shirt is a perfect example! It's like the unicorn of tie dye, with such pretty shades of pink and purple combined for a magical tie-dye look. This tee is for the ultimate girly girl of any age and makes a perfect wearable or gift for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and every other day of the year. Make your own just like this or make it all pink, pink and red ... get creative with it! 

Tulip 5 Tie-Dye Heart T-shirt Ideas

Brighten your day with a heart tie-dye T-shirt that's like a vibrant ray of sunshine! Bold shades of yellow, turquoise and fuchsia play nicely together, just like a warm summer day at the beach. (We're picturing our toes in the sand right now.) You can stick with this exact color combo or if fuchsia isn't really your style, you can switch it out for red or orange for the same sunny effects.

Tulip 5 Tie-Dye Heart T-shirt Ideas

Stay cool with a tie-dye heart floating on a beautiful blue backdrop! Caution: Wearing it might make you feel like you need to lounge on a raft in a swimming pool with a refreshing bevvy in hand. This simple-to-make tee can be made with the Tulip Classic 3-Color Tie-Dye Kit or you can opt for a party kit for lots more color options. Get your friends and fam together and experiment! Whatever color palettes you choose, what's not to love about a heart tie-dye T-shirt?! 

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Tulip Tie-Dye Heart T-shirt Ideas