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Welcome to the World of Tulip Tie Dye!

14 Fun Ways To Use Tulip Tie Dyes

Published Date July 07, 2014

It's no secret that I am crazy about tie-dye and one of the biggest reasons I love being an iLoveToCreate blogger is for all of the tie-dye projects I get to do! And if you think tie-dye is just for tee shirts, well, you've got another thing coming!

First up, are you looking to add some color to your bedroom? Why not tie-dye everything?! Get the directions from the iLoveToCreate website: Dreaming in Color Tie-Dye Bedding.


Okay, so this one is by me BUT I had gotten so much interest in this project and the end results wound up being so awesome that I just have to share. Did you know you can tie-dye your embroidery floss? Get the deets to make your own variegated floss: Variegate Your Own Floss


To be honest I've never owned a pair of Uggs because I kind of think they're Ugg-ly. BUT I love the way an old and wonr out pair can be totally reinvigorated (and the back tag saved from dye) with this interesting repurpose from HubPages. How to Tie-Dye Ugg Boots.


Sometimes finding the perfect accent lamp shade is impossible. So why not DIY and dye your shade to something awesome, eye-catching and totally unique all at the same time? Full directions to make your own (which looks smashing in a mostly white room, too, does it not?) at iLoveToCreate: Shades of Moody Blues


Okay, so maybe a laundry sack isn't inherently a fun item BUT this laundry sack totally is. I like this for several reasons... it's totally simple to make and it's eye catching which means that if and when the kids toss this around in their messy closet floor you'll be able to spy it pretty quickly. Fab and fun tutorial from Life Your Way: Make a Pillowcase Laundry Sack.


Fringe art is crazy super hot but all I can think of seeing tutorials for are yarn. Which is awesome if you knit or crochet, but what if you don't? Do you really want to buy 4 skeins of yarn that you have no use for after you've taken out only 1/4 of it? But everybody has old tee shirts they can repurpose! I am in LOVE with this piece from Home-ology, Modern Vintage and I'm sure you are to. Get the DIY: Tie-Dye Textile Wall Art


With tie-dye being so hot this summer, why the heck would you not want to bring this awesome trend into your home decor? Check out how Designs by Studio C did just that with this amazing tie-dyed upholstery bench. Tie-Dyeing Fabric for a Bench Seat


I absolutely LOVE Frida Kahlo and almost all of my college art projects that dealt with using an artist as inspiration or to imitate as our own self portrait always went straight to the talented Miss Kahlo. So when I saw that Megan Nicolay tie-dyed up some doo-dads for a Kahlo-like 'do I thought it was just about the neatest thing I'd seen in ages! See how to rock this look: How to Make Friday-Style Braids


Yet another iLoveToCreate post, this time from the talented Aunt Peaches, bringing color into your every day life. I mean, why in the world should hanging things be dull? Two-Tone Tie-Dye Clothespins. 


Leave it to the talented Crafty Chica to take on dyeing real roses. Yep, this super crafty lady actually tie-dyed roses! LOVE! See how to tie-dye up your own: Make Tie-Dyed Roses


So if the first round of tie-dyed bed linens wasn't quite your thing, why not go a bit more subtle? Design Love Fest knocks this DIY out of the park super hardcore. In fact, I would snap these babies up in the store had I seen them. Perfection! Learn how to make your own: Tie-Dyed Sheets and Pillowcases
I had one reason that I wanted to get back into tie-dyeing as an adult... I wanted to knock out some awesome socks! See how to do just that in the fab tutorial here at iLoveToCreate but remember, you need all cotton socks to achieve these amazingly bright colors! How to Make Tie-Dye Rainbow Socks


Rag quilts are tops in my books. Add in tie-dye and I'm all about it. See how to make this fab throw, picnic blanket or bedding accessory with a super tutorial from My 3 Monsters: Tie-Dye Picnic Quilt


Big props to one Miss Jaderbomb who totally rocked the tie-dye and panties. The idea is simple but the results are super fun. And while I've made loads of these under the seams cuties, I've never been brave enough to post a DIY - which makes this my favorite tutorial of this entire roundup! Get the tute: Cute Tie-Dyed Undies Tutorial

Thanks so much for checking this roundup of tie-dyed awesome sauce. Head on over to my blog for even more round ups, tie-dye goodness and craft tutorials galore! Dream a Little Bigger

Head over to our TIE DYE YOUR SUMMER site for even more inspiration, how-to's, and fun videos to get you mega-inspired for some DIY summer fun!

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