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Tulip One Step Tie-Dye Van

Tag along with the Original Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye Van this summer as it spreads the joy of tie-dye fun and creativity throughout California, the Tie-Dye State! Keep your eye out for the Tulip Tie-Dye Van as it makes its way up and down California–it might just be headed to a location near you!

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  • Vivienne of the @thevspotblog getting her #demo on at the #tdys stop at @stampington today! #tiedye
  • Viv of @thevspotblog and Adi, our #tiedye can driver for our first stop at @stampington on our Tie Dye Your Summer tour! #tdys
  • The @stampington ladies sitting in the #tdys Tie Dye Your Summer #tiedye #van! #groovy
  • Look at these cute Tie Dye Shoes! The Tie Dye Your Summer Tour is a Blast!
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Adi Almani and the Tulip® Tie Dye Your Summer Van

The Fun Bus

The story of the Tulip® Tie Dye Your Summer Van began on January 6, 1978 when it was purchased by Adi Almani in Canoga Park, California. Adi has been the Volkswagen Bus’ owner for 35 years and counting, and has been on many adventures all over the country with his "baby," as he affectionately refers to it.

Within the first few years of joining Adi’s family, the van carried passengers through Southern California, along the California coastline, and throughout the western U.S. to places such as Santa Fe, Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. Not just a means of transport, the van is equipped with beds, a dining area and a sitting space for visiting, so it has acted as both a vehicle and living space for Adi and his family on their many adventures over the years.

In 1999, Adi's job brought him to Fresno, and with him came his baby. When the team at iLoveToCreate in Fresno began searching for the perfect Tie Dye Your Summer campaign ambassador to help retrace the roots of modern tie dye, they knew they’d found the ONE when they met Adi and his VW Bus.

Now dressed in its very own tie-dye suit, the van is spending the summer traveling all over the state of California to help Tulip® inspire and bring the joy of colorful tie-dye fun to everyone in its path.